Novels to Embrace

Who doesn’t love reading a good novel? When you find a good book you can absolutely enjoy all it has to offer and there are lots of amazing books and novels that get you thinking. However, when you are looking for a novel which way to turn? What novels should you embrace?

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee wrote this book and it’s one that has changed the lives of so many. Despite its title this is all about the prejudice during the trouble times in America. The plot focuses on the rape of a white girl seemingly by an African-American and the trial that follows. It’s a hard read because it hits hard at the prejudices of American society and it’s amazing. Harper Lee isn’t afraid to hit a nerve that is still very much raw in America right now and it’s utterly moving. This is a novel to embrace because it has a great meaning.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is nothing like anything you will read. Some say it’s a kid’s book and one that is solely for kids but adults too will love it. It centers on the little boy wizard, Harry Potter, who finds out he is a wizard and is destined to defeat a dark and very powerful wizard. There are currently seven in the series and they are all novels to embrace. They are sometimes lighthearted and sometimes emotional but they are great. That is why there are more and more people who are going to enjoy these novels.Get some details at

A Time to Kill

A moving story that gets you thinking; A Time to Kill is all about the rape of an innocent African-American girl and the events surrounding. The father of the little girl takes matter into his own hands and kills the accusers. However, this stirs up racial tension as the man kills two white attackers and one lawyer is caught up in it all. This is really quite moving for so many reasons and it’s not afraid to touch a nerve of racial tension and emotions.

Schindler’s List

readingBooks set during world war two are always an interesting read simply because they can offer a real-life insight into a world which was terrible to be a part of and are a real eye-opener in many ways. Schindler, the man in which the novel focuses on was effectively a member of the Nazi party and used Jewish labor during the war to help make his business. However, as the relationships with the Jewish people and Schindler grow there is an unlikely bond that actually helps to save many innocent lives. It’s all based on real-life events and that really makes this novel one to embrace. No-one today can honestly say they know what it’s like to go through WW2 but this novel makes you think and that is wonderful. Embrace the book and ensure the same path is never followed so innocent lives are not put at risk.

Embrace a Good Book

Reading is amazing and it’s something you should do at least for ten minutes each day. The above novels are just a small handful that will open your mind and will truly love. You are going to find each and every novel offers so much even if you don’t have any particular views. Read a book, open your mind and enjoy the stories behind them.

Pedro Garlock Author