Literature Wins

Books are fun. Reading can be a wonderful way to pass the time and you can truly love getting all cozy up in a good book. When you are able to find an interesting book with a great story you will never want to put it down. Every page is a new mystery waiting and that really offers something that readers will be drawn to. However, which literature reads are for you? The following are just a few great literature wins that are sure to get your mind racing.

The Road

Written by Cormac McCarthy, The Road is one of those post apocalyptic novels and yet it is one of the freshest pieces of literature of today. It’s not often you see a novel set during a post apocalyptic time frame and it captures you but this one does and it doesn’t let you go. A father and son have to walk a long road with little information as to what they’ll encounter. Walking through a burned America, it’s unrecognizable and even if they make it through the harsh snows and sub-zero temperatures who knows what will be waiting for them. This book has won literary praise. You are not going to see a book better written and the tone really sets your mind and you’ll want to know what happens next.Checkout more information from


Ian McEwan wrote Atonement and it truly is going to get you thinking. This is set during the early days just before the First World War and is almost a tainted love story. A young girl accuses her sister’s boyfriend of a terrible crime and her actions will have rippling consequences for years to come. It’s quite interesting because once you read you will want to know more and as the onset of war begins, it’s great how the novel twists away. There is also the conflict between upper and lower classes of everyday life.

Life of Pi

reading bookIf you want a great and very interesting read, Life of Pi must be it. Written by Yann Martel, the Life of Pi really allows the readers imagination to go beyond the normal scope of what they know. The story; young Pi Patel is only sixteen when he is somehow left stranded in a lifeboat. Being left in the middle of the Ocean with no means of help and a Bengal tiger as his only company, Pi must learn the ways of life and find a way to overcome the tiger so he is afraid of him. It might seem like a very strange story and yet it really gets you thinking.Read review here!

Pick Up a Book

Why not read?! You have so many great books to choose from and you can absolutely adore them all. That gives you an excellent reason to pick up a book and start reading. There is no better reason to read and you will truly love what they have to offer. When you read you can absolutely love the story and really want to find out what happens. These literature wins will make you think about the stories in a completely new manner.

Pedro Garlock Author